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The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, who founded the Crystal Cathedral megachurch and the TV ministry Hour of Power died this morning at 88 years old. Schuller had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2013.

Schuller started his ministry in 1955 in Los Angeles. In 1980, he built the Crystal Cathedral, where he filmed his TV ministry, which had millions of viewers in countries all over the world. In 2006, he stepped down as senior pastor, and after some changes in leadership and fights among Schuller’s family, Crystal Cathedral ministries ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Schuller’s grandson, Bobby Schuller, eventually founded a new church with the former Crystal Cathedral congregation and took over the Hour of Power broadcast.

Schuller was known for his uplifting messages, and he once said he wanted to be remembered as an “encourager.” He is survived by his five children, 19 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren ... Discuss

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