Fellowship of the Ring

Inside the Church's growing culture of hypermasculine faith Read More

The Sea of Forgetfulness. Partaking in Christ’s body and blood. Dying to yourself. The mark of the beast. Getting caught up in the air.

Out of context, some of the language used regularly in church sounds more like it belongs in some sort of weird horror movie.

As a kid listening to the sermon every week from my wooden pew (that, no doubt, caused a great deal of scoliosis to invade my back), I would constantly hear phrases I didn’t understand at all—but that didn’t stop them from terrifying me to the core of my tiny being. Read More

What Actually Sayeth the Lord?

Christians agree that the Bible is vital to their faith. But agreeing on what it says is another matter. Read More

If there’s one value many young Christians want to enact in the world around them, it’s justice. It’s a concept pastor and anti-poverty advocate Eugene Cho has thought a lot about.

Along with leading Quest Church in Seattle, Washington, and founding the anti-poverty organization One Day’s Wages, Cho is also the author of the new book Overrated, which tackles this generation’s propensity to value the idea of changing the world over actually taking action to do so. Read More

The Important Things Church History Taught Me About Christmas

What church tradition shows us about celebrating the coming of Jesus, Read More

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