The clerk’s office in Rowan County Kentucky has issued its first marriage license to a same-sex couple, one day after clerk Kim Davis was jailed. A U.S. District Judge found her in contempt of court for refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples, despite the recent Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage legal across the country. Only one clerk deputy, who happens to be Davis’ son, refused to give out the licenses after she was jailed for refusing them on religious grounds. Discuss

Dylann Roof may be executed for his crimes. The openly racist gunman, who killed nine people attending a Bible study at a historic black church this summer, will face the death penalty for the murders. In documents filed this week, prosecutors indicated that they have evidence that Roof has shown a lack of remorse for the murders at South Carolina's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The 21-year-old, who wrote about his own racist ideology online, also faces federal hate crime charges as well as charges of obstruction of the practice of religion. In addition to the murder counts, some of the federal charges also carry with them the possibility of the death penalty. Discuss

Henry McCollum and his half-brother Leon Brown have each been awarded $750,000 by the state of North Carolina after spending the last 30 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. At the time of their release last fall, McCollum was on death row and Brown was serving a life sentence. When they were teens, officers pressured them into falsely confessing to the rape and murder of a young girl, though no evidence connected them to the crime.

DNA found at the scene was later shown to belong to another man, who is currently in prison for a different murder. Both men say they were violently attacked while in prison, and Brown, who was just 15 when he was falsely convicted of rape, was repeatedly sexually assaulted. McCollum told reporters, "My family, they have struggled for years and years. It's hard out there for them, and I want to help them.” Brown, however, did not make a public appearance because he is currently hospitalized after suffering psychological problems and PTSD. Discuss

Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau has told reporters that a second cellphone video taken by a bystander shows that 41-year-old Gilbert Flores was holding a knife when he was shot to death by deputies in Texas last week. Over the weekend, a video of the shooting was released by a local news station that appears to show Flores raise his hands to surrender before being shot, though one of his hands is obstructed from view. Pamerleau said that the second video—which hasn’t been released online—will confirm their reports that Pamerleau had a knife when he was shot in the chest at close range. The deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call involving Pamerleau, and reportedly attempted to unsuccessfully use a stun gun on the suspect before opening fire. Discuss

A massive manhunt is underway in Illinois, where police are looking for three men suspected of being involved in the shooting death of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz. The officer was a married father of four who had served in law enforcement for three decades and was planning on retiring in the coming weeks. Schools across four districts have been closed as more than 100 officers look for his shooters, who they believed killed Gliniewicz after he chased several individuals while investigating suspicious activity. Discuss

Even though the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis cannot deny same-sex couples marriage licenses, she is still refusing to issue them. Lawyers are currently filing a motion to find her in contempt of court for ignoring the high court ruling. She told reporters that she was acting “under God’s authority” by not issuing the licenses to same-sex couples in her community. Discuss