When many Americans think of sex slavery, they imagine countries on others sides of the world— not their own neighborhoods.

Earlier this week, federal agents and local Washington State police arrested 14 people with connections to a multi-city prostitution ring suspected of forcing over 72 people victims of having sex in exchange for money, including 5 children, according to multiple reports.

All 72 victims have been freed.

The FBI declined to comment on where exactly the arrests and where the victims were found. The agencies involved used undercover agents to contact the women involved and canvassed areas where street prostitution occurs.

The operation is a part of a wider initiative aimed to prosecute sex slavery that has spanned the United States and other countries including Cambodia, Canada, the Philippines and Thailand. Discuss

Every Halloween, Ryan Scott Miller turns his son Jeremy’s wheelchair into some amazing, elaborate costume. In the past Jeremy’s wheelchair has become everything from the Batmobile to a pirate ship—and even a Snowspeeder from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Well, Miller is at it again, and this time he’s busting ghosts.

That’s right. This year Jeremy’s father has turned his wheelchair into the Ghostbusters Ecto-1. Miller’s creations rarely go unnoticed, but this year’s quickly took the Internet by storm when the iconic car costume went viral.

Whether or not Jeremy’s dad is afraid of ghosts, is still unclear. But he is definitely not afraid to make sure everyone knows he's up for America's most awesome dad.


Police in Sacramento have released an extremely disturbing video that shows two officers attempting to hit an African-American man with their car before getting out and shooting him multiple times. According to reports, the homeless man named Joseph Mann was mentally ill.

In the video, one of the officers said, “F--- this guy” and the driver is heard saying, “I’m going to hit him.” The other officer says, “OK. Go for it. Go for it.”

After they are unable to hit the man—who was on foot—they got out of the car and shot him 14 times. The incident happened on July 11. Both of the officers are still on the force and are on “modified duty.” The police department only released the footage after a resident sent surveillance footage of the shooting to The Sacramento Bee. They refused to release it for two months.

The incident began when the residents of a nearby apartment complex called police to say that Mann was armed with a knife and a gun, and was in the street acting erratically. When the first officers arrived, Mann refused to comply with orders for him to get on the ground and put his hands up, but yelled to the officers, “I don’t have a gun.” He then threw a thermos at one of the cars and continue to hold the knife. The officers on the scene slowly pursued Mann in their vehicles, attempting to de-escalate what was happening. That’s when officers Randy Lozoya and John Tennis showed up and attempted to run down Mann within seconds of arriving before shooting him.

No gun was found. Police claim Mann had methamphetamine in his system at the time.

Mann’s family is filing a lawsuit against the police department. As The Washington Post notes, The lawsuit says, “Inexplicably, the Officers failed to contact any properly trained mental health counselors or make any attempt to use less than lethal force and ignored the established police protocols to make attempts to de-escalate the situation.” Discuss

Just days after Charlotte police Chief Kerr Putney told reporters “you shouldn’t expect it to be released,” the Charlotte police department has changed its mind, and released to different videos of the shooting of Keith Scott.

Neither offer a clear picture of the shooting, but show new angles of the deadly encounter which has sparked days of protests and unrest in the city. Days before, Scott’s wife released her own cell phone video of the shooting.

Here the dashcam video and bodycam video. Warning, both of the clips are disturbing.

In the latest clips, police can be seen yelling at Scott to drop a weapon and to exit a vehicle. As several officers hold drawn weapons at Scotts car, another, on the other side of the car, attempts to break a window.

Moments later, Scott can be seen seemingly calmly exiting the car with his hands low at his sides, walking backwards. It is unclear if anything is in his hands, but nothing is apparent from the videos. Seconds later, as Scott is walking backwards with his hands at his sides, he is shot multiple times. Officer immediately handcuff him as he is bleeding on the ground.

Police say they recovered a gun, an ankle holster and a joint from the scene, though Scott’s family has maintained that he was unarmed. Police have also explained what sparked the encounter. They say that while at Scott’s apartment complex looking for someone else, they saw Scott in his car with both a marijuana joint and a handgun. The confrontation began moments later when the officers demanded he drop the gun and exit the vehicle. Discuss

The family of Keith Scott has released disturbing cell phone footage of his deadly encounter with police.

The footage, which you can see here (warning, it is graphic), shows police officers pointing guns at a pick up truck, repeatedly yelling for Scott to “drop the gun!” His wife, who is holding the camera, is heard yelling, “He has no weapon … He doesn't have a gun, he has a TBI [traumatic brain injury], he’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.” She repeatedly tells officer, “Don’t shoot him.”

At point, a voice in the background yells, “I’m about to get f***ing shot over here!”

The video is frantic, and it’s not clear what is happening inside the vehicle or around it when Scott exits.

Mrs. Scott yells “Keith, don’t you do it!” several times before several gunshots are heard.

The moments after are jarring, with Mrs. Scott saying, “He better not be dead. … He better live!”

The Charlotte Police department also has footage of the encounter, but has refused to release it, citing an investigation into the shooting. They have said that Scott was shot because he posed an “imminent, deadly threat” to the officers on the scene, and have said he had a gun. Discuss

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency following another night of protests sparked by the death of a local African-American man by police.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott have been disputed by police and his family. Both agree that Scott was sitting in his car moments before officers came to his apartment complex, looking for someone else. Police say he got out of his car with a gun and would not put it down, but his family says he was reading a book at the time. The officer, who is also black, was wearing street clothes with a police vest at the time of the shooting. According to reports, there is dashcam footage of the shooting, though it has not been made public.

During last night’s demonstrations, the second night of protests in the city, at least one person was shot (they are currently on life support), and several more people, including at least 16 police officers, were injured.

Protest began peacefully, though some demonstrations turned violent, as several stores and downtown buildings were vandalized and looted, and protestors clashed with police, who used tear gas on crowds. Charlotte’s mayor has said she is considering instituting a curfew. Discuss