A school in Lincoln, Neb. is under fire after sending fifth graders home with a pamphlet for how to deal with bullies. It was obviously well-intentioned, but it'd be difficult to dream up worse advice. For example:

Treat the person who is being mean as if he is trying to help you: No matter how insulting or mean they may sound, be grateful and think they really care about you.

Do not verbally defend yourself.

Do not tell on bullies: The number one reason bullies hate their victims, is because the victims tell on them. Telling makes the bully want to retaliate. Tell an adult only when a real injury or crime (theft of something valuable) has occurred. Would we keep our friends if we tattled on them?

Learn to laugh at yourself and not get hooked by put-downs: Make a joke out of it or agree with the put-down. For example: "If you think I'm ugly, you should see my sister!"

Yikes. The school has apologized for the flyer, but parents are asking for more—including the job termination for whoever wrote the flyer and an explanation to children that the "rules" were out of line. Hopefully, the school remembers to not verbally defend themselves ... Discuss


A new, incredibly detailed, scathing New York Times report shows that the officials investigating rape allegations against Jameis Winston knowingly ignored evidence. It’s a disturbing look at the lack of investigation into serious accusations of a star athlete. The Florida State University quarterback, who led his team to last year’s BCS National Championship, is a superstar athlete and the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy. Back in December of 2012, a woman reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted by a member of the FSU football team, later identified as Winston. According to the NYT report, the Tallahassee police department largely ignored key evidenced and closed the investigation after just 66 days—without informing the victim.

The detective failed to interview any of the key witnesses, gather DNA evidence, follow-up on an alleged cell phone video recording of the assault (which was later deleted) or look at security camera footage from a local bar from that evening. At one point, the victim’s attorney said that the detective advised her to drop the case because “Tallahassee is a big football town.” The report also disputes the TPU’s claim that the investigation was suspended because of the accuser’s “lack of cooperation.” It wasn’t until nearly a year after the initial assault was reported that the prosecutor’s office reopened the investigation. But, at that point, much of the key evidence (video tapes, DNA, testimony, ect.) was no longer available. It’s also unclear in the university investigated the assault claims as it is required to. Since the report was released yesterday, FSU released a statement saying, it “vigorously objects to the newspaper's characterization of the university as being uncooperative in explaining its actions” or properly investigating the allegations ... Discuss


Ladies and gentlemen, the selfie. It's been linked to everything from mental illness to being the word of the year. And yet, in the corners of the Internet, outrage is growing. The sane fringes of the world are getting fed up with selfies, and their tiny protests may yet become a mighty wave, washing over the cultural mainstream. Consider, if you will, this young man who is (very unwisely) attempting to take a selfie near an oncoming train—he is a symbol of selfie culture: a bit brash, but not a bad person. And consider the train conductor who kicks him out of the way (quite possibly saving his life) to be a symbol of those of us who stand against the selfie and anxiously await the day of its demise. Ladies and gentlemen, this video is a snapshot of our era ... Discuss


The future is bright for a 3-year-old toddler who escaped from his home in Lincoln, Neb. and ran away to a world of toys. Specifically, he somehow managed to toddle into the local bowling alley and climb into one of those claw machines without being noticed. He probably would be content to spend the rest of his days there—the toddler king in a land of stuffed animals—had not a patron spotted him and called the police, who returned the kid to his mother. The bowling alley even let him keep one of the toys as a present, which may have been his endgame all along.

In any case, the kid not only discovered how to rip off the claw machine system, but he did what we've all dreamed of doing, which is actually go inside one of the machines. That is why he is the king of all babies, and this will almost certainly not be the last we hear of his great deeds ... Discuss


Frazier Glenn Miller, the former KKK leader who allegedly killed three people at two Jewish community centers in Kansas last Sunday, has a friend in Marionville, Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger. Mayor Clevenger went on KSPR to (sort of) come to to the defense of his friend's beliefs, if not his behaviors, saying "He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly. As long as they were the same color as him. [He was] very fair and honest and never had a bit of problems out of him." He went onto say that he "kind of agreed with [Miller] on somethings but I don't like to express that too much."

But express it he did, and it is pretty awful. "There some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us," he said. "We've got a false economy and it's, some of those corporations are run by Jews because the names are there. The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that's completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they're Jewish." So, long story short, Mayor Clevenger—who was elected last Thursday—is hopefully looking at an extremely short term ... Discuss


Last night, authorities in Boston evacuated an area near the finish line of the Boston marathon, one year to the day that bombings rocked the city. A man identified as a 25-year-old, self-described “performance artist” wore a black veil and shouted “Boston strong” before leaving a bag at the scene. The man, Kayvon Edson, told police that the bag contained a rice cooker and confetti. Bomb squads detonated the backpack, along with another abandoned bag that they believed contained photography equipment as a precaution. Edson, whose various blogs are filled with strange postings seemingly sympathetic to Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and possession of a hoax device. This year’s marathon will take place on Monday ... Discuss