The officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown in a confrontation on Aug. 9 is in talks to resign from the Ferguson Police Department. According to reports, Officer Darren Wilson “is in the final stages of negotiations” with local officials over the terms of his resignation. Today, a grand jury will meet, likely for the last time, to determine if charges will be brought against Wilson in the Brown killing. Since the shooting, Wilson has said that he did nothing wrong. According to CNN he’s told colleagues that the resignation is a move “to help ease pressure and protect his fellow officers.” The shooting of Michael Brown sparked massive protests and later crackdowns against demonstrators in Ferguson. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon recently declared a preemptive state of emergency in the area anticipating possible unrest following the announcement of the grand jury’s decision ... Discuss

As expected, last night President Obama unveiled his new immigration reform plan that would effectively defer deportation for 5 million undocumented immigrants. Under his new plan, parents of legal U.S. citizens or green card holders would be allowed to continue to live and work in the United States without the threat of deportation for three years. The plan also broadens the requirements necessary for undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country as children, essentially granting legal status to hundreds of thousands more.

In his speech last night, he explained, “Mass amnesty would be unfair. Mass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character. What I'm describing is accountability — a common-sense, middle-ground approach.” Many Republicans criticized Obama’s executive action, saying that he circumvented Congress, with some threatening to attempt to withhold funding. Rep. Bob Goodlatte told USA Today that the move “threatens to unravel our government's system of checks and balances and imperils individual liberty" ... Discuss

Tony Wheeler is an Indianapolis-based tattoo artist who is trying to raise enough money to start his own studio. He's hoping this tattoo image, which he designed, will go viral and help his dream come true. Conceptually, this tattoo is on fleek. As a theological statement, well, what do you think? ... Discuss

Around midnight last night, campus police at Florida State University responded to calls about a shooting in the school’s 24/7 library. There, they shot and killed a gunman who refused to put his weapon down, and reportedly opened fire on the officers. Details of the shooting are still coming in this morning, but there are reports that three students were shot, at least one of whom is in critical condition.

According to the vice president of student affairs, at the time of the shooting, the library of the 40,000-student schooled was “packed.” FSU students inside the building tweeted photos of makeshift barricades made out of desk and shelves that they created when the gunshots broke out. Though the campus will remain open today, the school’s president has decided to cancel all classes ... Discuss

Up in Maine, a logger named Leo Moody has quietly lived for 44 years under the radar. He did his job, lived a quiet life free from the spotlight and generally just worked hard so he could rest hard. But on Monday, Moody's noble heart and great courage were required, and he handled himself in a manner becoming America's greatest hero, which he is. Moody was on his way home from work when he saw a car overturned in a lake near Kossuth Township, about 175 miles northeast of Portland. A man whose bravery is matched only by his quick thinking, Moody pulled over, dialed 911 and was then informed by a bystander that a baby was trapped in a car seat, submerged in the water.

Moody wasted not a minute, but dived into the water without hesitation, swimming into the car and using his knife to cut the car seat free ("He said he always carries the knife," the AP reports. "Usually for peeling an apple or whittling piece of alder.") He freed the 3-month-old baby, swam back to shore and handed it to Wade Shorey, a man who had pulled over just to witness a legend in the making. Moody had no time to sit around—his services were needed at home, where his unspeakably lucky wife Betsy was waiting for him

"Just another reason why I love him," Betsy told the AP. "thinking of someone other than himself" ... Discuss

Pizza Hut has gone insane. There's no other way to look at it. It's shown some signs of craziness before—stuffed cheese crust and what not—but now things have really flown the coop. They have a new menu, and a new penchant for spiral-y drizzles of various sauces that make personal pan pizzas seem about as revolutionary Diet Coke. They have new ingredient options like Peruvian Cherry Peppers and sliced banana peppers, new crust flavors like "Ginger Boom Boom" and "Honey Sriracha," and drizzle options like Balsamic and buffalo. That is truly only the tip of the iceberg, but safe to say, Pizza Hut is now mad, and we're going mad right along with them ... Discuss