20-year-old Micah Dailey of Cape Coral, Fla. got himself in trouble when police caught him with marijuana, which would not be particularly noteworthy but for the shirt Dailey wore when he went directly to jail, did not pass go and did not collect any money as far as we can tell. 2014 is drawing into its evening phase (only eight more Fridays till Christmas, if you can even believe it), but we've got a late entry for the year's best mugshot. Good luck to all of this year's competitors ... Discuss

Hi, there. Do you happen to live in Rockaway, New Jersey? Is the front yard in the video below yours? Well, hey, this won't take a minute, but you might want to check your front yard. There are two terrifying bears fighting and they're sort of messing up the flower situation you've got going on. Not a big deal. Just thought you should know. Be safe out there ... Discuss

An autopsy of Darrien Hunt is ensuring that America's ongoing struggle with why young black men are getting killed by police isn't going anywhere soon (whether or not the conversation itself goes anywhere is up to us). The bare facts of the case are this. Darrien Hunt was a 22-year-old black man in Saratoga Springs, Utah who was shot while carrying a samurai-style sword as part of his anime costume. At least two people saw the sword while Hunt was walking around a strip mall and called police. What follows is a little unclear. Police say Hunt asked them for a ride, and they told him they would need him to give up his sword before getting in the vehicle. Hunt allegedly resisted and swung his sword at one of the officers before taking off running. The police fired as he fled, and Hunt died at the scene.

A newly released autopsy generally agrees with officers' version of the events, as Hunt was killed by multiple gunshots, at least four of which entered from behind. But the family's lawyer says the use of deadly force was unwarranted, and that Hunt was treated differently because was black. Investigators have opened an inquiry into the case, the results of which could be made public as early as this week ... Discuss

An unmanned rocket NASA was using to send supplies to the International Space Station barely made it off of the launch pad in Virginia last night. In the video below, you can see the massive explosion that happened just seconds after take-off. Don’t worry, no one at the launch site was injured in the accident ... Discuss

McDonald's has seen better days, with flat sales and an avalanche of bad press that just won't go away, even though McDonald's never did anything to them and, jeepers, what is with you guys? In an effort to get you to stop being such a jerk, they're expanding their "I'm Lovin It" motto to something even better. McDonald's new advertising slogan is "Lovin Beats Hatin."

Because love is better than hate, and if you hate McDonald's, like, maybe you should think about what that says about you, you know? Why hate McDonald's when you could love it instead? Love is great. It's all you need, in fact. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So, stop hatin' McDonald's, and start lovin' it, unless you're just gonna keep on hatin' in which case, we feel sorry for you ... Discuss