The perpetrator(s) placed the battle flags right below a “Black Lives Matter, Hands Up” poster at Ebenezer Baptist Church—the historically black church in Atlanta, Georgia, where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached. In a statement, Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer, said the flags represent “a terrorist act meant to intimidate.” He equated the littering to placing Swastikas around a Jewish synagogue. “Let the message go out that we will not be shaken by this,” said Warnock, who has been outspoken about recent race-based acts of violence like police shootings and the Charleston shooting. “We will not be intimidated.” Federal and local authorities are hopeful that the church’s surveillance cameras will help identify suspects. Discuss

Somewhere along a paved path in Everglades National Park—a trails for cyclists, walkers and people like you—officials captured an 18 foot- and three inch-long Burmese python—the second largest in Florida history. The female python is only four inches shorter than the Florida record. Terrifyingly, experts say snakes like this one can eat animals as large as deer and alligators.This goes to show you, next time you’re strolling around the everglades, stop strolling around the everglades. Discuss

A police officer at the University of Cincinnati has been charged with murder for shooting a man named Samuel DuBose at seemingly routine traffic stop. The officer, Ray Tensing, is white, and the victim, Samuel DuBose, was black. A bodycam video of the entire incident has been made public, showing the interaction between the officer and DuBose, which at no point up to the shooting seems aggressive. After being pulled over for not having a front license plate, Dubose and the officer relatively calmly discuss why he has been pulled over for about two minutes. In the moments before Tensing shot DuBose pointblank in the head—causing his foot to slam the gas pedal after he was instantly killed—DuBose started his ignition. Local Prosecutor Joe Deters told reporters,

I've been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make—totally unwarranted. People want to believe that Mr. DuBose had done something violent towards the officer—he did not. He did not at all. I feel so sorry for his family and what they lost, and I feel sorry for the community, too.”

In his police report, Tensing gave different version of events, lying by saying that he was “dragged” by Dubose’s car. He claimed he feared for his life. Discuss

A man in the Buffalo, New York, area was arrested for attempting to join ISIS and recruit others to the terrorist group. Allegedly, Arafat M. Nagi “proselytized” people in his area about jihad and planned to join up with ISIS in Turkey. Authorities say Nagi traveled to Istanbul, Yemen and Syria last year, and—though he claims he doesn’t support militant groups—his online activities says otherwise. For instance, he purchased a “tactical vest with armored plates” online. So it appears he was planning something. Discuss

Despite threats that the city will be sued by gun advocate groups like the NRA, lawmakers in LA are placing a restriction on high-capacity firearms. City officials have voted to ban possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. As the legal director for the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence pointed out to The Los Angeles Times, these types of high-capacity magazines were used in a string of mass shootings at schools including Newton, Columbine and Virginia Tech. Following the unanimous vote of approval, Councilman Paul Krekorian told supporters, “If the NRA wants to sue us over this, bring it on.” Once the measure is signed into law, gun owners will have 60 days to surrender or legally sell their high-capacity magazines. Discuss

Following the release of two secretly-recorded videos showing employees of Planned Parenthood discussing the sales of tissues and organs from abortion babies, a third video from the group The Center Medical Progress has been posted to YouTube. The latest video (below) features an extended interview with a former “procurement technician” who graphically discusses how she unknowingly took a job procuring tissues and organs from aborted babies to be sold. The video then also graphically shows parts of a baby aborted at 11 weeks being displayed for an undercover “buyer,” with prices for different body parts being discussed. Warning, the footage is extremely graphic. Planned Parenthood has released several statements condemning the videos, claiming, “There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood.” Discuss