Jack White is playing in Chicago this week, and he decided to spend his time there taking part in the great American pastime. And he had the time of his life. Just look at him. Can you blame him? The crack of the bat. The roar of the crowd. Even the most tortured, vaguely vampiric-looking rock star can't help but let free his inner child when once taken by the spirit of baseball ... Discuss


Though they said there is nothing to indicate Russia was directly involved in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, U.S. intelligence officials believe that the separatists in Ukraine responsible may have been trained by Russia. Last week, a commercial airliner carrying 298 people was downed by a missile near a conflict-plagued area of the Ukrainian and Russian border. According to intelligence evidence, the commercial flight was mistaken for a Ukrainian military plane, and was targeted by the pro-Russia militants.

Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told CNN, “We do think President Putin and the Russian government bears responsibility for the support they’ve given the separatists… We’re going to continue to pull the thread on this case to determine exactly who do we believe fired that missile.” In response, the U.S. and EU have placed new sanctions on Russia, mostly aimed at restricting Russian officials and business leaders ... Discuss


With mountains of sad news pouring in from all over the globe this week, the Internet has collectively rejoiced at the appearance of an old man whose carefree attitude and and cane-free style reminds us that the world is not yet devoid of happiness. Nothing has been confirmed about this gentleman's identity, but he can confirm that his heart is great and his feet are sure. Thank you, sir, for providing us all with the inspiration to dance another day ... Discuss


On Monday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning workplace discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of federal contractors and the federal government. The categories of sexual orientation and identity were added to existing non-discrimination orders for race, color, religion, sex or national origin, meaning there will be no exemption for religious organizations.

However, Obama chose to let stand a 2007 exemption memo saying the Religious Freedom Restoration Act still exempts World Vision and other organizations that funnel federal funds to social justice causes from religious nondiscrimination requirements. "America's federal contracts should not subsidize discrimination against the American people," Obama said just before signing the order. "I'm going to do what I can with the authority I have to act" ... Discuss


According to new research, many millennials are forgoing marriage—at least for now. A recent report from the Urban Institute found that millennial adults are currently on pace to have lower rates of marriage by the age of 40 than any other generation on record. They estimate that if the current trend continues, 30% of millennial women will not be married by their 40th birthday. By comparison, that’s double the number of unmarried Gen X 40-year-old females.

As CNN Money points out, the data also notes that “Hispanic and black Millennials, as well as those without college degrees, are expected to see greater declines in their marriage rates.” Though the researchers say that “staying single while young gives them more opportunity to establish a financial base,” in the long-term, the trend could have a negative economic effect: University of Michigan sociology professor told the outlet, “The evidence shows that getting married increases wealth and income." The study echoes the findings of a Pew study from March that found that 74% of current 18-to-33-year-old adults are not married ... Discuss