A megachurch pastor in China's Shanghai region has been released after seven years in prison for protesting against the demolition of a house church.

On September 13, 2009, local government officials in Lenfi, broke into Christian churches and businesses in the area, beating approximately 100 believers. Days later, the government dispatched bulldozers to destroy multiple buildings and other church property.

Pastor Yang Rongli and her husband, Wang Xiaoguang were arrested shortly following these events for protesting the demolition of a house church. Two months later, they were convicted for organizing a prayer rally on September 14. They were presented in court under charges for “gathering a mob to disturb public order.”

A report from China Aid, a watchdog group that reports on Christian persecution in China, confirms that Pastor Rongli has been released and bears signs of brutality endured while held captive. She shows signs of malnutrition and has suffered from two kidney stones, diabetes, and a heart problem in jail.

Due to continued government restrictions against her, Yang is not able to provide interviews or speak to the media at this time. Discuss

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When many Americans think of sex slavery, they imagine countries on others sides of the world— not their own neighborhoods.

Earlier this week, federal agents and local Washington State police arrested 14 people with connections to a multi-city prostitution ring suspected of forcing over 72 people victims of having sex in exchange for money, including 5 children, according to multiple reports.

All 72 victims have been freed.

The FBI declined to comment on where exactly the arrests and where the victims were found. The agencies involved used undercover agents to contact the women involved and canvassed areas where street prostitution occurs.

The operation is a part of a wider initiative aimed to prosecute sex slavery that has spanned the United States and other countries including Cambodia, Canada, the Philippines and Thailand. Discuss

A town in Australia wants to become the world's first porn-free city.

As part of a campaign to combat violence against women, city leaders and Christian ministries in Toowoomba, Australia, are working together to eliminate porn from their community entirely. A local church group, City Women Toowoomba, is leading the effort supported by the mayor Paul Antonio.

The campaign addresses porn as a public health disaster that promotes gender-specific stereotypes of dominance and aggression in men.

Up to 300 people, mostly men, attended a rally at a public park last week and pledged, "I won't view porn and I will help create a city free from porn."

A local ABC affiliate spoke with John Minz, chairman of Toowoomba Together, a local organization that raises awareness about domestic violence issues. Minz described porn as a "social cancer," adding, "politicians and police are doing what they can in relation to drugs and alcohol, but who is taking responsibility in relation to pornography? The answer is no one."

Studies show that consuming porn can hardwire pathologies in the human brain in the same way that drug use can, altering the reward center to compulsively desire the dopamine hit that viewing porn can bring.

City Women Chief Executive Letitia Shelton of Toowoomba said that an actual porn-free city "sounds very ambitious and unlikely," but she believes that curbing its negative influences, and shedding light on this issue, to be a worthy cause.

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Every Halloween, Ryan Scott Miller turns his son Jeremy’s wheelchair into some amazing, elaborate costume. In the past Jeremy’s wheelchair has become everything from the Batmobile to a pirate ship—and even a Snowspeeder from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Well, Miller is at it again, and this time he’s busting ghosts.

That’s right. This year Jeremy’s father has turned his wheelchair into the Ghostbusters Ecto-1. Miller’s creations rarely go unnoticed, but this year’s quickly took the Internet by storm when the iconic car costume went viral.

Whether or not Jeremy’s dad is afraid of ghosts, is still unclear. But he is definitely not afraid to make sure everyone knows he's up for America's most awesome dad.


Last night, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both appeared at a large fundraising dinner supporting Catholic charities. Both candidates had turns at the mic during the Al Smith Dinner, using the opportunity to make fun of each other, themselves and even their spouses.

A lot of the one-liners were in good fun and showed a surprisingly playful side of the exchange (The New York Times collected some of the highlights below), though, many of the jokes were sharp-edged. At one point, Trump even got booed when he said Clinton was "so corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate Commission.” Later in his comments, he said Clinton was there "pretending not to hate Catholics.”

As Fox News pointed out, Clinton lobbed a few zingers at Trump as well, saying that when Trump "looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a four. Maybe a `5' if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.” When she took the stage following Trump, she said, "after listening to your speech, I will also look forward to listening to Mike Pence deny that you ever said it."

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