A Montana man has applied for a license so he can be legally married to the two women he calls wives. Though Nathan Collier officially married one of the women, he had a “spiritual ceremony” with the other, because bigamy is illegal. Collier said that he was inspired by Chief Justice John Robert’s dissent decision in the Supreme Court’s recent case that made same-sex marriage legal across the United Sates. Roberts argued against the ruling, saying the same logic could be employed by polygamists. Collier and his wives were recently featured on the reality show Sister Wives. If a local litigator denies Collier, he said he plans to sue. Discuss

Even though most of us are unable to see them from earth, the night sky is full of thousands of asteroids that orbit the plaent. In this interactive, 360 degree YouTube video, self-described “Astronogamer” Scott Manley demonstrates what it would look like if we could see them all at once. It’s the most mind-bending 3:40 you’ll spend today. Discuss

A mosque in Canada is helping out a local catholic church. St Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church was vandalized by a member of the local Muslim community who suffers from schizophrenia. When the imam heard about the incident, he visited the church. He told The Star, “The guy who did it ripped pages out of the Bible. He broke the altar. He threw the cross. When I saw this, I thought it was pure injustice. It was just wrong.” Imam Hamid Slimi told members of the Sayeda Khadija Centre what had happened to their neighbors in a single day, and they raised $5,000 for the church. Police have arrested the individual responsible for the vandalism. A priest at the church told The Independent, “It was very nice. I told people on Sunday. We have said there should be no revenge.” Discuss

It's Independence Day weekend—which states are the most excited about that? A new study by financial website Wallethub found that Virginia is by far the most patriotic state in America based on “military engagement” and “civic engagement." Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Alaska took the second, third, fourth and fifth most-patriotic spots, respectively. The least patriotic? Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York. The survey also found that in 2001, 38 percent of Americans said the U.S. was the best country in the world, and in 2014 that number fell to just 28 percent. See where your state ranked (and see how they calculated everything) here. Discuss

We're sad to say Bubble Wrap is going away, because economy. Since 1957, box openers everywhere have received minutes of curiously satisfying entertainment from little fireworks-sounding air pockets—you know, the only part of shipments that matter. Well, forget passing this joy on to your children. Several sources are reporting that Bubble Wrap sales aren’t keeping up with the market, causing Sealed Air Corp. to shutter its uncontested all-time greatest product. The company will attempt to revamp its packing product for "space-conscious manufacturers." The new Sealed Air Corp. product? iBubble Wrap. Besides apparently taking no more than two seconds to name it, Sealed Air now wants us to get behind a new wrap that doesn’t include a pop. Though the new product may be cheaper to ship, it seems a high price to pay considering the millions of package recipients who will now be denied the catharsis of popping Bubble Wrap. Discuss

Shocker: Christians remain dramatically divided concerning last week's same-sex marriage ruling. When a new survey by Barna Group asked if they “strongly” or “somewhat” favor the Supreme Court’s decision, 28 percent of “practicing Christians” said they do. When it comes specifically to Catholics, 53 percent agreed, but only two percent of evangelicals favored the decision. That’s starkly different from the 76 percent of no-faith responders who said they favor the SCOTUS's ruling. Of evangelicals, 86 percent—by far the largest percentage of any individual group—said “same-sex marriage is morally wrong.”

Despite these objections, 51 percent of Christians and 24 percent of evangelicals said they “agree that Christians can support legal marriage for same-sex couples and also affirm the church’s traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman.”

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