The Malaysian Ministry of Information has released some truly frightening images that show how dire the situation facing many migrants really is. Officials from in Myanmar recently rescued more than 200 people packed in an 80-foot boat in the Andaman Sea. Many of the group—which included some children—are Rohingya Muslims who are fleeing religious persecution in the country. A UNHCR spokesperson said in a statement,

We hope that this recent positive development will be followed by other disembarkations in Myanmar and across the region. This needs to happen before the coming monsoon rains. As we have previously emphasized, the priority is to save lives by getting people safely off these boats as soon as possible.

They estimate that as many as 3,500 are currently stranded in boats in the waters near the country. Both Indonesia and Malaysia are currently providing humanitarian assistance migrants rescued at sea ... Discuss

A new study suggests that members of the millennial generation tend toward depression in their workplace more than than any previous generation.

From Mashable:

Millennials reported the highest rates of depression — approximately 1 in 5 millennials who sought out employee assistance or work-life advice from Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA). In contrast, 16 percent of baby boomers and 16 percent Gen Xers reported depression. BDA collected data from employees seeking its EAP services over an 18-month period.

In the BDA report, “Depression and Work: The Impact of Depression on Different Generations of Employees, ” the organization’s chief operations officer, Marie Apke, says:

While major depression affects 10 percent of [American employees], an overwhelming 75 percent of people with depression don’t receive formal treatment. Depression costs the economy more than $23 billion annually due to absenteeism. While recent public health initiatives continue to enhance and expand our understanding of the social and economic costs of depression, it's clear more work is needed to combat depression in the workplace.

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All domestic violence charges against NFL star Ray Rice have been dropped in an extremely rare deal. From ESPN:

The pretrial intervention program offered to Ray Rice in the assault case involving his wife was granted in less than 1 percent of all domestic violence assault cases from 2010-13 that were resolved, according to New Jersey Judiciary data obtained Friday by "Outside the Lines."

A security video from an Atlantic City casino showed Rice brutally punching out his then-fiancee and then dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator in February of last year. He was later charged with a count of simple assault and aggravated assault-bodily injury in the third degree causing bodily harm. The simple assault charge was dropped. Rice was recently granted “pretrial intervention” (PTI) even though the program—which lets defendants not be convicted if they take part in court-ordered requirements—is supposed to involve only non-violent, victimless crimes ... Discuss

With a 32-15 vote, lawmakers in Nebraska voted to repeal the use of the death penalty in the state. Even though Gov. Pete Ricketts has said that he will veto their measure, which would replace death sentences with life prison terms, the legislature likely has enough support to override his veto. There are currently 11 men on death row in Nebraska, though the state hasn't executed an inmate since 1997. The repeal would prevent state officials from being able to carry out their death sentences. One of the lawmakers who has been a leader in getting the death penalty abolished in his state, Omaha’s Sen. Ernie Chambers, told, “We got the state out of the killing business today” ... Discuss

Officials from the regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have said that their country’s military now has the ability to create nuclear warheads that can fit on missiles—missile engineered to reach the U.S. Officials in the U.S. however aren’t necessarily buying the new claims about North Korea’s “world-level strategic weapon,” pointing to the fact that the country frequently exaggerates—or completely fabricates—information about its regime and military. A Joint Chiefs of Staff official said that despite “clever video editors and spinmeisters,” DPRK has “not gotten as far” as they claim in developing the technology, telling a D.C. forum, “They are years away from developing this capability.”

However, as The Washington Post notes, the prospect of the North Korean military creating a missile-sized nuke may not be that far off according to some experts. An expert for the International Crisis Group, Daniel Pinkston, told the paper, “I think they probably have a small device that they can put on a missile, but as far as actually using it goes, no one has been able to demonstrate anything" ... Discuss