At least 44 people were killed and 12 more injured when two bombs ignited in the mostly Kurdish town in Syria called Qamishli. ISIS is believed to be behind the attack. According to reports from the area, a truck packed with bombs and a motorcycle armed with more bombs, drove into the town, and blew up several buildings.

ISIS has been engaged in on-going battles with Kurdish forces—who are backed by the U.S.—as part of the country’s long-running civil war. Discuss

According to authorities in France, an 86-year-old priest was murdered by two men, who claimed to be linked to ISIS, inside of his own church in France. The two individuals stormed the Catholic church, taking several hostages—including two nuns and two parishioners—and, according to some reports, beheaded the priest. One of the other hostages was also badly injured. The attackers were killed by police. President Francois Hollande called it a “cowardly assassination,” and vowed that his country would continue to fight the radical Islamic group.

France has been targeted by several high-profile terror attacks, including the murder of the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo last year, a mass shooting targeting concert goers and people eating at cafes in Paris and, recently, an attack carried out by man who rammed a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. Discuss

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In a rare move of public political action (public anything really, other than Hanes commercials), basketball legend Michael Jordan published a statement on ESPN's Undefeated website addressing both police brutality and targeted murders of police officers.

M.J. also made large donations to two different organizations that support both causes.

Jordan opens his statement talking about his own upbringing as it relates to violence.

As a proud American, a father who lost his own dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man, I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers. I grieve with the families who have lost loved ones, as I know their pain all too well.

I was raised by parents who taught me to love and respect people regardless of their race or background, so I am saddened and frustrated by the divisive rhetoric and racial tensions that seem to be getting worse as of late. I know this country is better than that, and I can no longer stay silent. We need to find solutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment AND that police officers – who put their lives on the line every day to protect us all – are respected and supported.

The statement is empathetic to both causes, and Jordan goes on to announce his contributions to two organizations.

To support that effort, I am making contributions of $1 million each to two organizations, the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The Institute for Community-Police Relations’ policy and oversight work is focused on building trust and promoting best practices in community policing. My donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s oldest civil rights law organization, will support its ongoing work in support of reforms that will build trust and respect between communities and law enforcement. Although I know these contributions alone are not enough to solve the problem, I hope the resources will help both organizations make a positive difference.

Prior to this, Jordan's last bit of public engagement with politics was participating in a fundraiser for President Obama. Discuss

Authorities say that at least 80 people were killed and more than 260 were injured when two suicide bombers detonated blasts during a peaceful protest by a Shiite minority group in Kabul, Afghanistan. ISIS, who regularly targets members of the Muslim group, has claimed responsibility for the horrific attack. According to CNN, another suicide bomber was identified by police, but was killed before he was able to set off his vest.

The peaceful demonstration sought to convince government officials to reroute plans for a power line, so that a poor, remote nearby community could receive reliable electricity. Discuss