This article is from Issue 62: March/April 2013

Hey, Brother

Tony Hale and Donald Miller talk about faith, fame, politics—and the epicness of being Buster Bluth

Did you know best-selling author Donald Miller is friends with Tony Hale—as in Buster Bluth, Arrested Development Tony Hale?

Well, he is.

So, we got to thinking: What if Don and Tony sat in a room together—with a tape recorder between them—and had a conversation? They could talk Arrested Development (14 brand-new episodes will appear like magic on Netflix in May), faith (yes, Tony is a believer), staying grounded in Hollywood (turns out, it can be done)—and really, any old thing the two of them, as friends, wanted to chat about.

What would it be like to listen in on their conversation? Well, it’d be like this.

DM: I remember the first time I met you. I was such an Arrested Development fan that when season three came out, I threw an overnight slumber party and put a big screen on my front lawn in Portland.

I had a red shirt on that had “SLUT” written in black letters across it—it’s a character in the show who wears this absurd outfit. We even tried to find a stand or cart. We served chocolate-covered bananas. I think I had 30 people, and we just had airbeds all over the front lawn, and we just watched season three of Arrested Development all night long.

I literally woke up on the lawn as the sun was coming up. I was such a huge fan. So when I met you, everything in me was fighting the “Hey, brother” line. Did you get that, and are you still getting it?

TH: I do get that a lot. What’s nice about now, when I get recognized for Arrested—I’m such a fan of the show, such a huge fan—and I haven’t really seen the episodes much since they stopped airing. So when people talk about it, I like to talk about it.

I just forget stuff, so anytime they bring stuff up, it’s nice to remember, “Oh my gosh, that’s right—I did give massages, or I did make out with Liza Minelli.” It’s a fun kind of remembrance. I hadn’t watched the episodes in a long time, so there’s a lot of bits that I forgot.

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DM: Is there going to be an Arrested Development movie?

TH: That’s what they’ve talked about. They’ve talked about doing the movie after the episodes. That would be great.

DM: But you have not shot a movie.

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