This weekend quietly marked the end of an era. On Saturday morning, the CW showed Cubix, Sonic X, Dragon Ball Z and Kai, Digimon Fusion, Yu-Gi-Oh! and a few others for the last time. Next Saturday, the CW will move on to One Magnificent Morning, a block of live-action, educational entertainment for kids. And, believe it or not, that will be it for Saturday morning cartoons on network television. Of course, on cable, animation is doing just fine—Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are still putting out all kinds of cartoons. But this marks the first time animation won't be part of network television's Saturday morning lineup since the '60s. Somehow, despite Michael Bay's best efforts, kids just aren't as into cartoons as they used to be ... Discuss

The year's most-watched casting process continues apace today with several sources confidently reporting that Rachel McAdams—a reliably effective actress who's been sadly regulated to rom-com territory—is in the lead for True Detective's much-hyped female lead role. After widely lauded for kickstarting Matthew McConaughey's career, the first season of True Detective came under fire for its admittedly rough treatment of women. HBO is looking to McAdams to correct all that, but that still leaves a lithe, brooding, smoldering leading man role to fill, and who better than Taylor Kitsch? He who won the hearts of America in Friday Night Lights and then lost them with Battleship? Sources say Kitsch is "expected" to join Vince Vaughn, Collin Farrell and, probably, McAdams to be this season's four leads. Double the detectives. Double the fun? ... Discuss

This spring, 19-year-old Bradley Joyner was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer, but his parents are determined to make all his wishes come true. A huge fan of Breaking Bad, Joyner dreamed of one day meeting star Bryan Cranston. After his parents launched the #breakingbad Twitter campaign, word finally made it to Heisenberg himself, and the two recently got the chance to meet over Skype. You can watch his parents tell him the good news below, and Bryan and Bradley’s first meeting here ... Discuss

Months into one of the most hyped television casting rodeos of all time, it looks like HBO has finally settled on at least two leads. Famously funny Vince Vaughn and famously snarly Colin Farrell will head up the drama that gave Matthew McConaughey a new lease on his career. Whether or not it can do the same for these two remains to be seen, but the casting hunt isn't over yet. True Detective is looking for a leading lady, and though everyone from Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, Top of the Lake) to Jessical Biel (Seventh Heaven, Mrs. Timberlake) has been rumored for the role, no official announcements have been made ... Discuss

This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the début of The Cosby Show, one of the most influential sitcoms of all time. The NBC hit was a primetime staple for nearly decade, breaking new ground for comedy, challenging social stereotypes and always maintaining its ethos of strong family values.

In recent days, the Internet is reflecting on the show’s legacy with listicles that look at the sitcom’s parenting philosophy, cultural influence and creative choices, as well as think pieces that examine the show’s under-appreciated social impacts and the complicated personal legacy of its namesake. Sadly, there’s still no think piece out there about the show’s lasting impact on sweater design, but give it time ... Discuss

The first of four leads for the new season of HBO’s noir crime series True Detective has been cast. Colin Farrell confirmed over the weekend to the Irish paper The Sunday World that he would star in the second season of the drama, though his co-stars are still yet-to-be named. According to Variety, Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn are also in talks for major roles in the critically acclaimed series—as a police investigator and corrupt businessman respectively—leading to rumors that final lead spot will be for a female character ... Discuss