‘The Rob Bell Show’ Premiere Was About the Cross

'The Rob Bell Show' wasn’t made to answer his critics—its premiere episode was tailored to point hurting people in the direction of the cross. Read More

In case you missed last night’s final episode of The Colbert Report, here’s the last, epic ten minutes featuring dozens of the most famous people in the world taking part in a musical send-off befitting a legend. After 1,446 episodes, its been a wild ride, but now Colbert is off to bigger and better things: CBS’s Late Show ... Discuss

NBC has released this trailer for the upcoming (and final) season of Parks and Rec, which evidently, takes place in the year 2017—and a lot has changed. Along with technology like transparent tablets and drones, Pawnee appears to be a different place than we remember: Andy is a TV star; Tom is a business mogul; Gary/ Jerry/Larry now goes by Terry. It’s literally the most exciting thing we’ve seen in some time ... Discuss

This week marks the end of The Colbert Report, and our hearts are heavy. Colbert's winding down his run in top form (just check out this blistering performance he got from Kendrick Lamar on Tuesday) so it's time to turn our attention to his successor, The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore. The show is being called The Nightly Show and we don't know much more than that, but here's the first promo ... Discuss

Saturday Night Live knows that there are a lot of people who only make it to church a couple of times a year, so they made this video, showing what they can expect at “St. Joseph’s Christmas Mass Spectacular.” With appearances by “all of your church favorites,” it’s an event you’re not going to want to miss ... Discuss

The BBC has released another brief teaser for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, which airs on Christmas day. While you’re watching, just imagine this scene being converted into a thrilling theme park ride ... Discuss