Inbox by Google, the company’s new and improved email app, is finally out of its invitation-only Beta phase, and is now available to everyone. The service comes with a bunch of cool, enhanced features to make email more organized and intuitive, but perhaps none of the options is more anticipated than the “Undo Send” feature. The new button let’s users recall sent emails moments after they are delivered. Because who hasn’t accidentally hit reply-all with a snarky response to an email chain meant for an individual, or like in Google’s video below, accidentally sent a poorly worded email about an innocent, romantic walk on the beach to someone unintended? ... Discuss

Just imagine a time in the not too distant future, when MIT’s DARPA-funded robot combat cheetah has become self-aware and decides to turn on its human creators (we say this is maybe like a year and a half away, tops). You’re being chased by the mechanical beast, and you think to yourself, “I know how I’ll evade the robot jungle cat! I will throw this 15-inch obstacle into its path! There’s no way it can somehow leap over it with its clunky machine body.” Well, think again! MIT has released this video showing the cheetah using laser sensors to see coming obstacles that it can easily hurdle over ... Discuss

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Technology is edging ever closer to the expectations for 2015 set by Back to the Future, and Catalin Alexandru Duru is helping us get there. The Canadian inventor set the Guinness World Record for the furthest flight on a hoverboard, hovering 16 feet over a lake as he flew his hoverboard prototype just over 900 feet forward. Fortunately, the Guinness World Record organization caught the whole thing on film, so we all can have a glimpse into the future. It doesn’t move quite as fast as Marty McFly’s hovering skateboard, but it’s much more epic looking ...


How to Avoid Getting Caught in Facebook Arguments

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Who hasn’t been elbow deep in a bucket of fried chicken, unable to respond to a text message because their fingers were completely covered with grease? For some, the daily struggle is real. That’s why KFC invented the “Tray Typer”: A thin, Bluetooth tray that is impervious to chicken grease, and will let you use your phone while consuming their deep-fried brand of fast food cuisine. It’s unclear what KFC’s long-term plans are for the devices (they were initially only handed out in German restaurants for a week period), but they may be a glimpse into the future. And, as it turns out, WALL*E was right ... Discuss