Chances are, Google already fulfills a lot of your technology needs, but soon, they could be providing you mobile phone service too. The tech company has announced a plan for a phone network in the U.S. Instead of building a brand new network, “Project Fi” will use data and signals from T-Mobile and Sprint, switching users to whichever 4G signal is stronger. It will also automatically connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots and allow users to make regular voice calls over Wi-Fi. For now, Project Fi will only be available to Nexus 6 smartphone users. It will cost $20 per month plus $10 for every additional gigabyte of data used, but customers will only be billed for data used, instead of paying for a set monthly data amount. It remains to be seen if the network will be successful, but experts say that if Google can work out the kinks, their service could pressure wireless providers to lower prices and adapt better to different devices ... Discuss

Google is now offering free virtual tours of the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. The music studio is where some of pop-culture’s most famous recordings were made—from the Star Wars and Harry Potter soundtracks, to songs from the likes of the Beatles, Jay-Z, Pink Floyd and Adele. In addition to being able to get an inside look at the facility, the site also lets users tinker with virtual mixing boards and studio gear. Say goodbye to at least an hour of your afternoon ... Discuss

Finally, a way to reply to important text messages, random Facebook posts and Instagram updates while trying to carry on with the burden of actual, face-to-face conversations. Introducing, “Texting Hat”! After watching this short, compelling video, you’ll definitely want to go to to make your own ... Discuss

Is This Clickbait?

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Google is famous for having fun on April Fools Day by announcing some ridiculous new fake products, so when Amazon revealed “Dash” late yesterday, it almost seemed like a joke. Has consumerism gotten to a point that we will install physical buttons in our homes to place orders for designated products with a simple press? This has to be some sort of meta satire about consumption, doesn’t it? Apparently not. The “Dash Button” (featured in the video below) is a real thing, and it will turn your home into a real-life Amazon product page. Because who hasn’t been waiting for that to happen ... Discuss

For one day only—which just happens to be April 1—Netflix will break into marathon viewing sessions to warn viewers of the dangers of binge-watching. After streaming two consecutive episodes of a show, one of the stars of a Netflix original program—like Orange Is the New Black or House of Cards—will deliver a video PSA to your viewing device, reminding you to take a shower, not to skip work or to actually go outside. This actually isn’t a bad idea on days that aren’t April Fools Day ... Discuss