Video of the Day: AMP, "People's Song"

Crank up the "AMP" and dance around with today's video of the day, People's Song by AMP. These three guys bring a fresh and honest face to the new genre of "worship hip hop" and will have you smiling in no time. We dare you: watch this video and try NOT to smile. It just can't be done...


Christine P (not verified)

I'm a huge fan of AMP and I love this song and I love what they represent. Super excited for the new album to come out :)

FunTime (not verified)

wow, can't believe I still clicked even though I read the words 'worship hip-hop'. Shoulda known...

David L (not verified)

AMP is bringing on a new generation of sound that cannot go unnoticed. Definitely different and fresh but still the same truth. I hope that more people can listen to this and be attracted to the Jesus that we believe in. Only a couple more weeks until the rest of the album comes out! PTL!

Anonymous (not verified)

USE AMP Lord to inspire a generation of young gospel-centered believers to rise up to be salt and light in their communities!!


Awesome! I love how God teaches and reaches me every time i listen to AMP!

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