This week on the show, we have Planetshakers in the studio playing some songs from their new album, and we talk with Jennie Allen about the re-release of her book 'Anything'. Also, we get to use the bleep button a few times. Mostly on Jesse. This week’s episode is sponsored by Bombas Socks. Read More

An Italian group called Rockin’ 1000 organized a massive group of musicians to play the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly” in a massive outdoor performance. Of course, they filmed the whole thing, and it’s pretty awesome. The stunt was part of an effort to get the band to come play a concert in Cesena, Italy. How could they say no?


Could the Marty McFly dream soon be a reality? Carmaker Lexus has released another look at its hoverboard, which it plans to formally unveil on August 5. Like the first video, the second brief clip leaves a lot of unanswered questions about the Slide, like how it works and if it is actually usable in real-life conditions, though the teaser does look pretty darn cool. The future we’ve been promised is almost here. Discuss

A prequel (of sorts) for the classic Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish releases today, more than two decades after the children’s book author died. The wife of “Dr. Seuss,” whose real name is Theodor Geisel, discovered the unpublished illustrated pages shortly after his death, but they were forgotten for more than decade. Today, What Pet Should I Get, which features some of the same characters as One Fish, Two Fish, is finally being sold to the public so that you can take a nostalgic trip back to the time when funny ryhmes and colorful illustrations were the optimal form of entertainment. Discuss

Here’s yet another reason why astronauts have an awesome job: They get to perform weird science experiments while floating around in zero gravity. Reel NASA has posted this video to YouTube, showing exactly what happens when you drop a dissolvable tablet into water that just happens to be floating around in a giant bubble. Experiments like this alone are worth the billions of dollars we’ve spent on the space program. Discuss

An X-Men origins story may soon lose its star. According to a report in The Wrap, Channing Tatum may walk away from the starring role in the superhero film Gambit because of difficulties in the contract negations with 20th Century Fox. As recently as this month’s Comic-Con, Tatum had been discussing his excitement about playing the X-Men’s New Orleans anti-hero, so there may still be some possibility of him reconsidering. Discuss