This week we spotlight the pop/rock band, Neon Trees. Plus we talk to author Eric Metaxas about his new book, “Miracles,” provide you with some Black Friday survival tips, share with you our Christmas list, recap the week’s news and entertainment and much more. Read More

Your (Slightly Early) Christmas Playlist

It's (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. Read More

We’ve got good news and bad news for Parks and Rec fans. The good news is that Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins (played by Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones) will return to Pawnee for the show’s final season next year. The bad news is, they’ll only be back for a single episode. In an interview with, executive producer Mike Schur said, “We made a list of people that we needed to see back one more time. We didn’t get everybody we wanted … But a lot of the people we were hoping to see one more time — we managed to make that happen.” The seventh and final season of the NBC sitcom will only be 13 episodes, but with Chris, Ann and other Pawnee favorites returning, it will literally be the best send-off, of all-time ... Discuss

Should We Feel Conflicted about Enjoying ‘Serial’?

Are we genuinely concerned about the legal process explored in this case? Or are we hooked by an entertaining story? Read More

There’s been some interesting developments with the critically-acclaimed detective show Luther. Just days after it was announced that Idris Elba will not star in a new, American version of the drama being developed by Fox, the BBC announced that the actor would be returning to their network for at least two more 60-minute episodes.

Even though series creator Neil Cross and Elba have signed on to executive produce the new Fox version of the series, Cross released a statement this week saying, “Luther is coming back where he belongs. Back to the BBC. Back to London. And back to work.” The comment seems weirdly exclusive considering it was made the day after Fox released their own announcement about the American version. The new BBC episodes are expected to air some time next year, while the pilot for the Fox version is still in development ... Discuss

If you were lucky enough to catch Outkast on their 2014 reunion tour, than you saw one of Andre 3000’s jumpsuits, featuring a provocative, current event inspired slogan. Now, all 47 of them will be part of an art exhibit—called i fell ya—put on by the Savannah College of Art and Design at Miami's Mana Miami that will be "an invitation to think critically and consider rhetorical expression.”

As a release about the event explains, each of the jumpsuits contains “musings and observations– a response to today's content-heavy digital landscape, which provides an unrelenting flood of images and opinions.” The jumpsuit displays will be accompanied by paintings and a film that “uses the thoughts and expressions on the jumpsuits as a creative point of departure to build a broader conversation about language and context.” If you want to check it out, the exhibit kicks off on Dec. 3 and runs through the 14th ... Discuss

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