The makers of the twisted party game Cards Against Humanity have their own unique Black Friday promotion going: Customers can pay $5, and in return, they get absolutely nothing. All you have to do is enter in your credit card information, check a box that says “I understand I am paying Cards Against Humanity $5 and receiving nothing in return” and click a button. Sure, it’s weird, subversive commentary on the ridiculousness of Black Friday consumerism, but the most ridiculous part is that a lot of people are taking them up on their "deal": As of Friday afternoon, they’ve brought in more than $3,500. Discuss

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Because reboots are basically the only thing Hollywood is doing right now, Fox has released this brief teaser trailer for their upcoming Grease: Live special. The live musical will air on Jan. 31, and appears to be pretty much just a straight-forward remake of the original, with a cast of minor TV/theater stars (Aaron Tveit—Gossip Girl, Graceland, Next to Normal—and Julianne Hough—Dancing with the Stars) and pop stars (Carly Rae Jepsen, Keke Palmer, Vanessa Hudgens). Discuss

In a special Star Wars edition of one of the Internet’s greatest long-running jokes, the folks from Will It Blend give the sci-fi franchise's most notoriously annoying character the ending he’s always deserved. For reasons that may never be clear, watching an assortment of items getting shoved into Blendtec blender never gets old. Discuss

Verizon—a company that provides cellular services that powers phones, tablets and electronic devices—has released a new ad that suggests this Thanksgiving, maybe you should just shut them down for a while. The leader of Verizon’s brand creative team explained to The New York Times, “Once we get you to the people that matter the most, it’s taking that time to be present with those people once you get there. I hope what people take out of it, quite honestly, is we’re America’s most reliable network and we got you where you needed to go.” Discuss

Some of your favorite childhood TV shows are coming back. After announcing a plan to reboot and revisit classic series from their ‘90s catalogue, executives at Nickelodeon have outlined plans for a new Hey Arnold TV movie. According to Variety, the film “will feature a storyline that picks up where the original series ended and resolves unanswered plotlines–including the whereabouts of Arnold’s parents, long missing from the program. So far, no released date has been announced. Hopefully, this is one step closer to the comeback we’ve all been waiting for: A Doug reboot. Make it happen Nickelodeon. We want Doug Funnie back on TV. Discuss