Sure, it might have been a few weeks ago, but we can’t quite get over Yolanda Adams’ stunning performance on The Tonight Show. The Grammy winning Gospel singer performed “Victory.” It was such an emotive moment, even host Jimmy Fallon declared “I love you. I'm so happy you're here. ... This is going to be a game-changing moment! You're just so awesome.” Agreed, Jimmy. Totally agreed. Check out the moving clip below. Her album Becoming is out now.


Last December, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin hinted that his band’s forthcoming album, A Head Full Of Dreams, might be their last. While we can’t definitively say for sure it will be (shout out to all the bands currently on the reunion phase of their career), it seems like new music from the group is imminent. First, in May the band issued a hand-written note, confirming the title and the fact they were in the studio. (Hard at work, one assumes.) Then, just this week, Rolling Stone, aka the great crystal ball of the music industry, has just listed the album among its “Must-Hear Fall Albums” for the fall. Surely that can only mean one thing. Brace yourself kids—emotive pop ballads are coming. Discuss

Indie rock band Destroyer’s video for Poison Season cut “Times Square” is a cartoon romp through the forest. Sure, the titular New York location makes a cameo, as does frontman Dan Bejar. But the real stars here are stop-motion creatures. Warning: their creepy cuteness might make you think twice before going out into the woods. Check out the Shayne Ehman directed clip below. Poison Season is out tomorrow on Merge Records.


Early this week, Tyler, the Creator, pulled out a string of dates in the UK. Today, the Odd Future leader admitted via Twitter that it was a matter of free speech, or rather lack of it. Due to raunchy content from his 2011 album Goblin, the rapper has been banded from the country for 3-5 years. The charge? Concerns that his work “fosters hatred with views thats seek to provoke others to terrorist acts.”

His manager Christian Clancy has issued a statement on Tumblr, calling for the UK to reconsider the ban:

to say that i am confused would be an understatement. can you imagine being beholden to things you said when you were 18? tyler has been to the UK over 20x in the last 5 years without incident (shows, in stores, meet and greets) ... more importantly, this is a broader issue of free speech, with new lines being drawn that include reaching back in time without acknowledging growth.

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And now in news of the rich, several months after putting it up for sale, the Wu-Tang Clan still hasn’t sold their new release, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Why no buyers? One lucky fan could be the sole proud owner of the iconic hip-hop group’s final album. (Yup, there’s only one in existence.) And thanks to a copyright clause designed by group member RZA, you could be the only person to hear the 31 tracks for 88 years. All those bragging rights for a mere $5 million. Time to start doing a deep dive into sofa cushions for change. Feeling flush? Join the bidding here. Discuss

It’s that wondrous time of year when the seasons change, summer heat breaks way to a refreshing autumn chill and an artificial flavor known as “pumpkin spice” invades every single food you had previously enjoyed. M&Ms candy is the latest to join in on the craze, and will release a new “Pumpkin Spice Latte” flavor that will be sold exclusively in Target. If you are like an increasing number of sane people who have come to despise all things pumpkin spice and marketing blitz in represents (seriously, the M&M is wearing a scarf!), than don’t worry. M&M is offering a seasonal alternative: They’ve also created Peacan Pie candy. Discuss