A father and son team have created one of the weirdest and most fun Instagram feeds you’ll see today. The concept is pretty simple: 6-year-old Dom draws random objects—mostly animals—and his dad uses Photoshop to turn them into reality.

They are a combination of hilarious and terrifying.

You can follow along with the fun over


It's been a long time coming, and now the world is getting its first real look at Netflix's four-part series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The trailer for the highly anticipated show released this morning.

The show comes out Nov. 25.


The skeptical out there will say this is nothing more than a video of seemingly innocuous "raccoons" reaching for some kind of treat.

But you tell us if these aren't the eeriest looking hands you've ever seen.

"Raccoons" ... yeah, sure.


Jimmy Kimmel’s “mean tweets” segment is consistently one of the funniest recurring bits in late night. If you are not familiar with the concept, it’s pretty straight forward: A famous person reads mean things people have said about them on Twitter.

Pres. Obama is a good sport about the whole thing, even with burns that compare him to Nickelback, make fun of his dad jeans and question his presidential legacy. Discuss

Last week, the trailer for the gritty, final installment in the Wolverine franchise, Logan, hit the internet, and instantly caused a stir for it starkly darker tone than the rest of the X-Men movies. A lot of people are excited about it.

Somehow, even mashed-up with the old ‘90s cartoon, the trailer—along with Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”—still works. Discuss

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