This week we talk to Trip Lee about his new hip-hop album, “Rise.” Plus, we fill you in on our Nik Wallenda weekend plans, recap some great racquetball moments, introduce a new segment and respond to your Rob Bell comments from last week. Read More

On the heels of Orange Is the New Black, Netflix is gearing up for its next original series. This one stars Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights) and Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks and Mad Men), so it's got some big guns. We don't know much about it at this point, other than it's about four adult siblings whose dark pasts refuse to stay in the past ... Discuss

Katy Perry, global superstar, Super Bowl Halftime Show headscratcher and possible Christian hip-hop copycat, is not exactly the greatest pop star of our time. However, she might just be the greatest Halloween costume wearer of our time because just look at this giant Cheeto. She's leading our unofficial celebrity Halloween costume ranking right now, although honorable mentions must go to Jessica Alba for her Slash costume and baby North West's skunk getup ... Discuss

These new additions JK Rowling is making to the Potterverse are becoming dependable, but it's still fun to see a master toymaker tinker around with her inventions. As a Halloween treat to the nations, she's written several new short stories for Pottermore, the official Harry Potter fansite. Thus far, her stories have focused on bit players, and today's additions are no exception. Dolores Umbridge is, with all due respect to Voldemort, possibly Rowling's most hateable creation, and in today's exploration of Umbridge's past (excerpted here) we learn that she is no misunderstood victim, just a genuinely unpleasant person—though she is certainly not exactly all she seems. Other stories focus on the awesome flying thestrals, the eccentric Sibyll Trelawney, the sinister Ministry of Magic and other Potter-y things. Happy Halloween ... Discuss

Why spend money on officially-licensed, store-bought Halloween costumes when with just a few pieces of cardboard, some glue and a few hundred hours of free time, you can create a DIY transforming Transformers costume? ... Discuss

Paul Reubens, best known for his character Pee-wee Herman, visited The Tonight Show this week and confirmed to Jimmy Fallon that a long-rumored comeback film is officially in the works. And, Hollywood comedy heavyweight Judd Apatow has signed on to produce it. Sure, that’s notable news, and enough to warrant some online buzz, but a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s late night show is not complete without a brand new viral video. So, we present to you, Pee-wee Herman doing the voice over for the Age of Ultron trailer ... Discuss

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