Activist and motorcycle enthusiast Anton Berteaux is passionate about helping park rangers at Mongolia’s Lake Hovsgol prevent poachers, illegal mining operators and polluters from destroying the natural wonder. Not only is the fresh water lake home to a variety of unique wildlife, but as Berteaux points out, local indigenous people depend on the lake for their own water needs. His idea is to provide the outmatched rangers—who currently patrol the massive area on horseback—with motorcycles. As unique as his campaign is, his promo video is a work of art. If Wes Anderson were to direct a 2-minute video about supplying motorcycles to park rangers in Mongolia to chase off miners, it would likely look just like this. Evidently, it’s been pretty effective. With almost a week to go, he’s already surpassed his fundraising goal ... Discuss


The documentary Gasland looked at the potential dangers that fracking can do to groundwater supplies, but now, new research shows that using chemicals to drill for natural gas poses a new danger: Causing earthquakes. According to the research, the natural gas drilling method known as “fracking” can trigger earthquakes at drilling sites. The study, which has been published in the journal Science, found that clusters of minor earthquakes that have happened near drilling sites were triggered by large, far-off earthquakes, because of the injecting fluid used in the fracking process. So even if the water coming out of your faucet isn’t catching on fire, you may still have to be concerned about an earthquake thousands of miles away causing a seismic event in your own backyard … Discuss


A skyscraper made out of wood sounds like a pretty radical idea, but if the plans for this 34-story building are chosen as part of a design competition, it could become a reality by 2023. The designs are from a Scandinavian architecture firm for a massive new apartment complex in Stockholm, Sweden, and its designers say that wooden skyscrapers could offer a much more eco-friendly option than concrete and steel. According to the firm, traditional construction accounts for 30-40 percent of all CO2 emissions, but a wooden building would decrease emissions and produce far less waste … Discuss


Inspired by the growing “micro-home” movement, Christopher and Malissa Tack constructed this 140-square-foot house on top of a flatbed trailer almost entirely from natural wood. With no construction experience, the couple says they used resources they found online to build an eco-friendly, easily portable home for about $20,000. You can check out this gallery to see up-close pictures of the surprisingly roomy interior … Discuss


As part of a new initiative to create clothes that are more environmentally and economically sustainable, the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development have teamed with Nike and NASA to ask innovators to help them revolutionize the garment industry. And some of they’re goals seem pretty ambitious—they to want create fabrics that can “self-heal.” The overall mission of “LAUNCH System Challenge 2013” though seems a bit more grounded. By seeking out new innovations and technologies, they hope to “transform the system of fabrics to one that advances equitable global economic growth, drives human prosperity and replenishes the planet's resources.” Along with trying to think of ways to make clothes more durable and more recyclable, one of the projects goals is to also create “innovative business models that are sustainable and equitable” for workers around the world … Discuss