QOTD: Is Snail Mail Over?

In an attempt to save a couple bucks, the Post Office is going to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. Do you think snail mail stands a chance in the age of the Internet?



I certainly hope so! I love getting packages and letters in the mail. I will certainly do my part in picking up my pen and mailing letters to friends :)


Snail mail is an art. It's beautiful. I regularly send and receive mail through the USPS and I hope this will continue on.


It can be very influential. The average person now receives only 6 handwritten pieces of correspondence a year. Even a person of influence can cherish handwritten notes from an "unknown." (Believe me -- one of mine was found in the desk of a well-known author after his death.) So write with generosity and kindness to those who need it. You may have more influence than you can imagine.

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