Give a Break

Why not consider "donating" your breaks from school this year?

You’ve defrosted your fridge, passed your exams (fingers crossed) and said your goodbyes. Yes, break is finally here, and whether it’s a couple weeks for Christmas or three glorious months of summertime, there is always the question of what you’ll do while you’re not in school.

  • It can be tempting to fill this odd time window with TV shows, road trips and home-cooked meals, but consider using your vacation for a greater cause. There are a number of service and missions opportunities to keep you busy and make a difference while you’re waiting for the next semester to start.
  • If you’ve landed a summer job, congratulations! But there are still many community projects that take only a day or two. Sign up for updates from your local Habitat for Humanity, which accept volunteers of various skill levels on short notice for their construction sites.
  • Maybe you swore off books after finals, but consider becoming a reading mentor in the afternoons. Daycares, libraries and summer schools often use summer reading programs to connect college students with inner-city schoolchildren.
  • Only have a week off? Adventures in Missions is an organization that offers short-term missions trips specifically for brief college breaks. International and local trips can be as short as five days. Check out for trip details.
  • Remember­: not everyone has the option of going home for the holidays. During Thanksgiving or Christmas, volunteer to serve meals and build relationships at a local shelter or soup kitchen.

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Somone131 commented…

Cant we students just "Be Still" for once..? These days I cannot just bum around for a day without a feeling of guilt, articles like this add to this paranoia

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