In 2004, American families adopted nearly 23,000 children from outside the country. Last year, that number was under 5,000.

In fact, a recent State Department report found that international adoptions are at their lowest rates in 35 years. Though many countries are attempting to reform their foster care systems and in-nation adoption processes, there may be another reason for the dramatic fall. Read More

Today, more people are living in slavery than any time in recorded human history. According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index released by the Walk Free Foundation, that number currently sits at an astonishing 46 million.

The ability to research deeper led researchers to the almost unbelievable discovery that the world has 28 percent more slaves than just two years ago.

India is far and away the worst offender in terms of sheer numbers, with some 18 million people living in slavery. Read More

It just about goes without saying that the rise of ISIS is one of the most significant humanitarian crises of the last 50 years.

But Jeremy Courtney, president the Iraq-based global humanitarian aid organization, Preemptive Love, thinks the end is near for the terrorist group. Why? He says ISIS is disintegrating from the inside out. Read More

Just how much is a more fulfilling job worth for millennials? According to a new study from Fidelity Investments, just under eight grand. Their research, conducted for the “Evaluate a Job Offer Study” found that millennials would take $7,600 less money to have a job that offered them a stronger work/life balance, offered more purposeful work, the chance to develop professionally and a better corporate culture. There are some things money really can’t buy. Read More