Why is Hollywood so Awful at Diversity?

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It was 1938, and George Weidenfeld was a young Jewish boy living in Austria. He narrowly escaped the horrors of the Holocaust thanks to the generosity of Christians who smuggled him from Austria to England.

After coming to England as a penniless refugee, Weidenfeld became a publishing mogul and was knighted as a British “Lord.” He died in January at the age of 96. Toward the end of his life, he started using the fortune he amassed to “repay his debt” to Christians by saving Christians one by one from ISIS. Read More

Blunt Talk

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The Nightmare the World is Ignoring

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Morgan Freeman may have played God in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, but recently, the legendary actor felt he needed to travel the world to learn more about Him. The idea for the epic quest started when Freeman and producing partner Lori McCreary were in Istanbul and their tour guide told them how Jesus fits into Islam. Read More

Millennials may not actually be as entrepreneurial as they like to think. Despite nearly 70 percent of those polled telling Bentley University researchers they’d like to start companies, millennials are the least entrepreneurial generation in 70 years. Read More