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2015 Summer Music Festival Guide

What to expect at this year's big music events. Read More

Does Wearable Tech Go Too Far?

Our obsession with personal technology may be getting unhealthy

On April 24, Apple’s long-awaited Watch landed on the market, bringing with it an astonishing array of questions: Does it cost too much? Is it a technological game-changer, or just a novelty? Do you feel like a ’60s-era spy when you wear one?

The answers to all those questions will take some time to answer (except for the last one: the answer is yes). But there’s one important question tech companies like Apple seem to have hardly thought about: Is all this healthy? Read More

Why Are So Many Teenagers Joining ISIS?

The terrorist organization is recruiting from all over the world. Read More

Enough With the Biopics

Hollywood’s Newest Obsession Is Getting a bit Ridiculous Read More

In addition to Daredevil, here are a few more summer shows worth your time:


Philip Seymour Hoffman filmed the pilot for this show, starring as an ad executive fed up with millennials. Watch the great Steve Coogan fill his shoes in the series.

Wayward Pines

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this show will be worth giving a shot—particularly for fans of Twin Peaks, from which this show draws clear inspiration.


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