Christmas Gift Guide

Buying Christmas gifts shouldn’t be stressful. Here are our picks for unique presents you won’t need to keep the receipt for. Read More

Women today are more likely than men to complete college and go to graduate school. They also make up nearly half of the country’s total workforce. But a new report from the White House shows that although women have made advances in education and employment, a significant pay gap between the sexes still exists. At the rate progress is going, it will take until 2059 for the gap to finally be closed. Read More

10 Years, Countless Lives

Talking with Jamie Tworkowski about a decade of To Write Love On Her Arms Read More

Only about 20 percent of people in India—the most population-dense country on the planet—have access to the Internet. This dramatically limits their ability to function in the modern world. That’s why Mukesh Ambani is funding high-speed wifi for nearly a billion Indians who don’t have access now. And he's making it available for just about $2 a month. Read More

This generation lives in a basically social-first world and, sure, that carries some benefits. It's also costing employers money. A lot of money.

A new study by the recruitment firm Ajilon found that millennial workers waste $192.4 billion worth of work each year just by checking social media during work hours. Read More

The generation after "X" is Reaganing. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that during their last year of high school, a larger percentage of millennials identify as conservative than did Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, which is a key indicator for generational researchers. Because groups traditionally grow more conservative, this study anticipates millennials will end up as the most conservative generation ever. Read More