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The spiritual sea of change taking place in China will not be without its challenges—some more complex than others.

While China is officially an atheist country, it is undergoing one of the most dramatic religious overhauls in modern memory. In 1949, the country was home to an estimated 1 million Christians. In 2010, that number was more like 58 million. And some studies are saying that by 2030, China could be home 247 million Christians—the most of any nation in the world. Read More

This year, for the first time since 2002, Hollywood’s box office revenues for July failed to hit the billion dollar mark. June managed to make just over $1 billion, but totals were still down 16 percent from 2013.

The fourth Transformers movie was supposed to save Hollywood’s summer in America, but it only pulled in about $245 million—easily the lowest in the franchise’s clattering, baffling history. Read More

The Cultural Appropriation Index

Ranking pop culture's troubling habit of stealing from other cultures Read More

Over the summer, Google developed a new algorithm that rather grandly promised to eradicate child pornography from the Internet.

That might sound impossible, but it’s already led authorities to make at least one arrest, after the software tracked down a Texas man who was sending pictures of child sex abuse over email. Read More

Meet Generation Z

Early research shows the next generation of digital natives could make a big impact Read More

Clash of the Titans

A comparison between 'Noah' and 'Exodus' Read More