The Devastating Human Toll in Qatar

One of the deadliest places in the Middle East centers around the 2022 World Cup. Read More

If you’re a millennial, odds are you’ve thought about skipping the “traditional” 9-to-5 career path in favor of building your own business.

A recent study from Bentley University found that of millennials, two-thirds (67 percent) plan to start their own business. By contrast, a mere 13 percent said they see themselves climbing the corporate ladder. It’s a huge shift from previous generations. Read More

From Maryland to South Carolina to Texas, stories of black citizens killed unjustly by police officers have become some of the most common events on the evening news. Not surprisingly, racial tensions across America are at their highest levels since the late 1960s—and many Americans believe race relations are worsening. Read More

A Streaming Revolution

Which music service is best? Read More

Pope Francis is standing up for climate change. In May, the pontiff published a papal letter (encyclical) outlining why man-made climate change is an important issue for the Church. Not only is it a matter of creation care, it also adversely affects the “least of these,” he wrote. However, one major objection surfacing is that the pope’s proposed solutions could harm the people he wants to help—the poor. Some claim that giving up fossil fuels would require the poorest countries to forgo immediate needs like refrigeration and some medicines. Read More

There’s always money in the banana stand. Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer recently revealed that Netflix has ordered another season of the beloved sitcom. According to Grazer, the streaming content provider is targeting early summer 2016 for the debut of season five. The new 17-episode season will be the first time the dysfunctional family will appear on screen since Netflix revived the show for a fourth season in 2013, which came after a nearly seven-year hiatus. Read More