These stories are getting a little too common. Over the weekend, fake news site KCTV7—which posts these types of lies for the sheer joy of watching the world burn—"reported" that Michele Bachmann was advocating putting detained undocumented immigrant children into what she (the site) called "Americanization Facilities" where they would spend "half of their day working, and the other half learning what every child should learn, and that's English."

Of course, the congresswoman had said no such thing, but that didn't stop several sites—among them, Daily Kos and Think Progress—from running the story anyway, since fact checking just takes too much time anymore. It wasn't till Sunday that Raw Story definitively called shenanigans on the story, and the sites sheepishly published their apologies ... Discuss


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Mayura Dissanayake is a convenience store clerk in Houston, Texas who seems like a nice, mild-mannered guy. Just don't try to rob his friends. That was the mistake two alleged bandits made when they tried to rob Dissanayake's friend and co-worker as he was returning to the store. Dissanayake saw what they were doing and flew into action. Oh, also, Dissanayake has a decade's worth of experience as a semi-pro mixed martial arts fighter was Sri Lanka's national MMA champion five years in a row. Yes, there's a video. Yes, it's worth a watch ... Discuss


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