This week on the podcast, Voice winner Jordan Smith talks about going from a church singer to best-selling artist. We talk to two of the people behind the recent documentary For the Love Of, about why Christians should care about climate change and much, much more. Trust us, this is a good one. Read More

Meet Hollywood’s next Jesus—possibly. According to Deadline, Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the role of Jesus Christ in an upcoming movie called "Mary Magdalene." Rooney Mara will play the lead role. This biopic doesn’t sound like a typical faith-centric Bible movie, though: Deadline says the film is “an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history.” Talks with Phoenix are still on going, but he is currently the filmmakers' first choice. Discuss

Christopher Ward Jr. has been legally blind since he was born, suffering from an optical nerve condition that only lets him see objects extremely close to his eyes. The 12-year-old recently had an opportunity to try the eSight electronic glasses, which captures live video with tiny cameras, and then plays them on tiny screens in front of the eyes, essentially, restoring normal sight. The video of him seeing his mother for the first time recently played on ABC News. As you can imagine, people were moved—especially when they found out that the high-tech glasses cost $15,000, and Ward's family couldn’t afford them.

His mother set up a crowdfunding campaign on the site, and within days, not only did they raise the money needed for the glasses, but an additional $10,000 (which will be put into a trust fund for Ward), too. Well done, Internet. Discuss

Paul Rudd will play an Ivy League linguistics prodigy, a professional baseball player and a spy—all in the same role. The actor is set to star in the adaptation of the book The Catcher Was A Spy, which tells the true story of Moe Berg, who went from Princeton, to the Major League to a CIA-like organization, just as America was entering into WWII. But, just because it’s Paul Rudd, don’t expect a straight-up comedy. The script, which is billed as a thriller, is being written by the scribe behind Saving Private Ryan, Robert Rodat. Discuss