This week we spotlight one of our favorite bands, The Lone Bellow. We also talk to Science Mike about his faith journey. Plus, Shauna returns, Jesse says goodbye to an old friend and Eddie brings the strangest cat story ever. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. Read More

A New Era for Jesus Culture

Banning Liebscher on why the worship ministry is changing focus Read More

Seattle high school teacher Jesse Hagopian is suing the city for $500,000 following a weird, seemingly arbitrary incident of him being pepper sprayed while he attending a Martin Luther King Day rally. A video of the incident, obtained by the NAACP, seems to show Hagopian talking on his phone while walking by police when he is suddenly sprayed in the face by one of the officers. If he provoked the attack at all, that was not captured on video, and Hagopian himself said on his Facebook page that he was minding his own business.

At one point after the big main march, group of bike cops set up a line to keep us from marching. Some people walked through the line, but I didn't. When my phone rang, I turned away from the cops and began walking away to answer the phone. A cop then pepper sprayed me right in the face."

Hagopian's lawyer, James Bible, told The Guardian that "We wouldn't anticipate that there would be an apology in this case. Frankly the Seattle police department has a long history of violating civil rights" ... Discuss

You know how sometimes you're just so full of artistic energy and creative brilliance that you have no choice but to throw back your head and howl like a pop music wolf? Well, musicians do. YouTuber "The Cutting Room" has assembled this montage of 60 songs between 2006 and 2015, charting pop music's infatuation with "Whoa-oo-oh!" It's not that all these songs are bad (some of them definitely are) but after a while, you do start to wonder how much of this is real energy and how much of it was a songwriter who couldn't think of anything to say. Check it out ... Discuss

Things That Hold Us Back From Serving Others

These are all excuses we use to avoid helping other people—and they're all bad. Read More