Finally, someone answered the question, “What if Netflix’s paranormal sci-fi adventure series Stranger Things was a holiday Peanuts-style special?” Admit it, you’d watch this if it was a full length movie.

(Spoiler alert: Things don’t work out so well for Barb in this one either.) Discuss

You don't have to worry about strangers watching porn around you if you're traveling across Patna Junction in India anymore. That's a relief.

A survey by RailTel found that the Patna Junction station was at the top of the list of stations in India with maximum internet searches for porn sites, according to India Times. This station is one of the most crowded as well as one of the oldest with more than 200 trains passing through it each day. It also grew in notoriety for the inappropriate use of wi-fi services among its travelers.

A railway official said that "More than any other railway station in the country, where free Wi-Fi service was launched, the Patna railway station is on the top in the country for using internet search, particularly searches for porn sites."

The station provides free Wi-Fi services at all major stations falling under the ECR jurisdiction to allow passengers to know where their trains are running. East Central Railway (ECR) CPRO Arvind Rajak said the benefit was being used for 'other' purposes with porn being more common than Bollywood or Hollywood film streaming, or app usage.

Indian Railways confirms that porn sites have now been blocked and administrating officials have confirmed plans to block inappropriate sites from their other railway stations. Discuss

Twenty-two children and six teachers were killed in airstrikes on a school in northwest Syria Wednesday, according to UNICEF. Earlier reports indicated that the death toll only included 12 children, but have since updated.

UNICEF director Anthony Lake said the school building was "repeatedly attacked."

"This is a tragedy. It is an outrage. And if deliberate, it is a war crime," he went on to say. "When will the world's revulsion at such barbarity be matched by insistence that this must stop?"

Reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attacks were by either Syrian or Russian warplanes that struck six times.

Russia's UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin responded to questions about Russia's involvement in the attack by saying, "It's horrible, horrible. I hope we were not involved."

Activists in the area have circulated different images that are said to be from the wreckage of the airstrikes including the arm of a child, dismembered from the elbow, but still holding onto a makeshift backpack.

These attacks took the number of civilians killed in airstrikes in this area to 89 just within the past week, according to the Syrian Observatory.

The latest attempts to negotiate a ceasefire have failed. Discuss

Along with the release of Bon Iver’s new album 22, A Million, the singer-songwriter has also put out a new piece of merchandise: a flannel button-down shirt.

Yep. It looks like Bon Iver has out-Bon Iver’d himself.

Perhaps, the obvious choice would be to put out another vintage styled band t-shirt, but since this album is anything but obvious, it really only makes sense that man behind the band, Justin Vernon, would manufacture a flannel covered in the album’s hieroglyphics.

How much is the red button-down? The garment could be all yours for a whopping $75. Say what you will about the almost $80 flannel, but the guy sure does know his demographic.

And why stop at shirts? Back in September, Justin Vernon made it pretty clear he wasn’t about selling out. But should he change his mind, we think the Grammy-award winner could have an entire Bon Iver-esque lifestyle line.

We're thinking hand-carved Wisconsin wood whittled pipes, a candle that doubles as a whiskey glass (they exist), who knows what’s next for him.

All jokes aside, we are grateful for an artist who pays attention to the details and puts so much thought in everything he creates. Discuss