The Magazine"I Feel Like Kony Won"
Jason Russell on the Rise and Sudden Fall of Invisible Children
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We're thrilled to announce that the new issue of RELEVANT is here. In this issue, we go inside the incredible rise and startling fall of Invisible Children, and find out why the group's co-founder Jason Russell says "I feel like Kony won."

We also talk to Angelina Jolie and the Lone Bellow, and bring together a panel of experts for our annual discussion about the year in music. Check it out here ... Discuss


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Questions are swirling in the aftermath of what looked like a simple hit-and-run in Pittsburgh, Penn. about just how police handled a man who fled the crash. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, police chased and apprehended a 23-year-old fugitive named Devon Davis who crashed into a car in downtown Pittsburgh and then fled police on foot. The Post-Gazette says police they found Davis "severely injured in a pool of blood" and that though his leg was broken, "it was not clear whether it was broken in the car accident or foot pursuit."

However, witnesses say Davis actually sustained his injuries from police, who tackled and then beat and kicked Davis while he was on the ground. DailyKos quotes one witness as saying, "as [Davis] lay pinned to the ground, the officers began beating him viciously with batons while yelling to ‘stop resisting.’ He wasn’t resisting, and he kept saying ‘I’m not doing anything.’ They beat him for a long time and when they were done, he was laying in a pool of his own blood with what news reports say is a broken leg."

Pittsburgh officials are now seeking an independent review of the incident. "The Office of Municipal Investigations is the city's lead investigative agency and is doing an independent review of this matter," Tim McNulty, spokesman for Mayor Bill Peduto, told the Post-Gazette. "As with all use of force cases where impropriety is alleged, OMI will seek an outside review by a third party expert as part of its investigation" ... Discuss

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