LifeThe #LiveAuthentic Lie
How embracing an “authentic” life can become an excuse to ignore your true calling.
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This week on the show Chris Tomlin walks us through some of his favorite tracks from his new Christmas album “Adore”. Also, we speak with Lee Strobel about his new book “The Case for Hope” and the cast finds out the Jeremiah’s family were dumpster divers. Read More

The Little Prince, the classic book about a highly organized young girl that meets an unexpected and imaginative friend, is being adapted into an animated film. From the looks of the new trailer, we have a lot to look forward to. Aside from just being aesthetically beautiful, it highlights the importance of imagination and not growing up too fast. The film features the voices of stars like Rachel McAdams, Jeff Bridges and James Franco and will hit theaters in March. Discuss

A suicide bomber reportedly linked to ISIS killed 13 people, including himself, in Tunisia in an attack targeting a bus carrying members of the presidential guard. Government officials have declared a state of emergency as they increase security measures throughout the country. Discuss

When It’s Hard to Be Thankful

How redefining the idea of “thanksgiving” can help us truly see God’s plan for our lives. Read More

According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2015 is set to be the hottest year ever recorded. The U.N. weather agency says that global warming and El Nino—which resulted in elevated sea surface temperatures—are primarily to blame. WMO secretary-general Michael Jarraud said that the trend is concerning, noting that Greenhouse gas emissions hit a peak in 2014 at 143% higher than pre-industrial levels. Apparently 2015 was no improvement. In the Northern hemisphere, the global concentration of carbon dioxide levels during a 90-day period crossed the 400 parts per million threshold for the first time. But, America is not the only one to suffer these alarming new numbers. Asia and South America are also experiencing their hottest years on record while Europe is experiencing its second hottest. Experts say that El Nino could last well into 2016. Discuss