Last night, Kabul's American University of Afghanistan was attacked by three people with explosives and guns. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Thirteen people—seven students, three police officers, two security guards and a doorman—were killed in the attack and thirty students were injured. The first blast started at 7:50 p.m. local time, according to CNN.

The three attackers continued to detonate various explosives and shoot until two of them were killed by police hours into the attack and the third detonated an explosive car in front of the university wall, according to the spokesman for the Kabul police chief.

"The university administration is working closely with relevant authorities to assess the damage and to ensure that everyone is accounted for," a statement from the institution read.

The school is looked at as a cooperation between Afghanistan and the United States. Not many American students are enrolled, but many more Americans are on the faculty.

Earlier this month, two professors were abducted from the university and still haven't been returned. Discuss

It just doesn't matter how much time you spent with Legos as a kid (or as an adult), because this guy's creations won’t be topped.

Scientist John V. Muntean creates pretty boring looking sculptures out of Legos. No big deal, right? But when he shines a light through them onto a wall or screen, it’s the object casts a shockingly detailed shadow. What's crazier, is when Muntean rotates the sculpture, a totally different image appears. Madness. Seriously, watch this (and while you’re at it, enjoy the smooth jazz piano background music):

There’s more here.

Here’s how Muntean describes his work:

As a scientist and artist, I am interested in how the perception influences our theory of the universe. A Magic Angle Sculpture appears to be nothing more than an abstract wooden carving, skewered with a rod and mounted on a base. However, when lit from above and rotated at the magic angle (54.74º) it will cast three alternating shadows. Every 120º of rotation, the amorphous shadows evolve into independent forms. Our scientific interpretation of nature often depends upon our point of view. Perspective matters.

Let's be real, this is probably the coolest Lego thing ever. Discuss

The death toll from yesterday's earthquake in Italy has risen to more than 240 people, as rescuers continue to try to find bodies and survivors in the wreckage.

Wednesday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks with magnitudes as high as 5.1 and 5.4 as the town attempts to begin rescue and recovery efforts—more than 4,000 rescuers are working to clear rubble using heavy machinery and their bare hands.

The worst-hit towns—Amatrice, Pescara del Tronto, Arquata del Tronto and Accumoli—were all summer vacation destinations, which makes the death toll even harder to track.

According to BBC, rescuers have urged journalists and other on-lookers to leave Amatrice—the town with the highest death toll—because the town is crumbing.

There have been small moments of celebration as rescuers have found a young girl alive in the rubble after being trapped for more than 17 hours and a dog being rescued as well. Discuss

Questlove, drummer and practical frontman for The Roots, is joining Pandora in their efforts to be more competitive in the music-streaming competition by hosting a weekly, three-hour radio show called Questlove Supreme starting September 7, according to Variety.

Questlove will also be Pandora's strategic advisor and artist ambassador, which sounds awesome whatever it is.

The seeds of this partnership began last fall, according to The New York Times.

"I went in there to talk about playlists, and I ended up with a job as an equity partner," Questlove told the Times.

Questlove Supreme will have a diverse genre of playlists and guests on the show. Questlove described the show as an extension of the courses he teaches at NYU and "the black nerd version of NPR."

“We are entering into a new phase for the company,” Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren said. “We are working more directly with labels and artists. We really want to invest a lot in that nexus, and having someone like him bridge that and speak on our behalf is really powerful.”

Adding the radio show aspect puts Pandora in closer competition to Apple's Beats 1.

“I want a world in which Drake’s ‘One Dance’ can also live with Frank Zappa’s ‘Uncle Meat’ can live with James Brown’s ‘Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing,' and all stops in between.” Discuss

The most recent Nature World News reported this week that a German weekly magazine announced that researchers have found an "Earth-like" planet orbiting Proxima Centauri—a star that's known as a "tiny, red dwarf."

The recently discovered planet is only 4.25 light-years—about 25 trillion miles—away from Earth, which is still a significant distance.

According to, the magazine reported that the planet could have conditions that supported life.

"The still nameless planet is believed to be Earth-like and orbits at a distance to Proxima Centauri that could allow it to have liquid water on its surface—an important requirement for the emergence of life."

The report said that the European Southern Observatory would announce the new planet at the end of this month, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

This is not the first time new planets have been discovered, but it's the first time a planet with liquid water that is close has been found.

Last year, NASA reported findings of a planet they called Kepler 452b. It's 60 percent larger than Earth, with sunshine, oceans, active volcanoes, twice as much gravity and a 385-day-long year. The problem was that Kepler 452b is 1,400 light-years away from Earth. Discuss