If you think you’re having a rough Monday, consider that Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes recently admitted that Warner Bros.’ DC movies have missed the mark. According to Variety, Bewkes disclosed on an investor call that, “we can do a little better on the creative.”

Given the criticism DC movies have generated in recent years, this may be an understatement. The last two films in the franchise—Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad—produced 1.5 billion in worldwide revenue. Yet both films were savaged by critics and fans alike for their misrepresentation of the DC Comics legacy. Bewkes also shared that the movies reached their goal of “reinvigorating the fan base.” One can only assume inspiring petitions to shut down Rotten Tomatoes isn’t what he had in mind. Discuss

Tim Tebow has spoken out about his opinion on Colin Kaepernick's ongoing protests during the National Anthem at football games.

The protests have spread to other sporting events across all ages, and with people weighing in on it around the country, it was only a matter of time before Tim Tebow weighed in.

Tewbow was asked by a USA Today reporter and echoed the sentiment many share.

“When people have belief in something, or a conviction in something, trying to stand for that is a good thing," he told Bob Nightengale. "It's all about standing for it the right way." Discuss

Sometimes—on, say, Mondays—you rush out the door and forget your lunch. It happens.

But until now, none of us have mastered the art of running back home to grab the forgotten sandwich. Just watch:


Since the Syrian army launched an offensive starting late last week (when the ceasefire ended), dozens of airstrikes have hit the rebel-held city of Aleppo city in Syria. Last night, airstrikes were particularly devastating.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said yesterday that a series of strikes killed 237 people—and that’s including 38 children. Experts suggest that 162 were east Aleppo and so far, around 400 people have died total in the past week.

Rescue efforts are being held up because all of the bombing has made the roads impassable and much of the rescue equipment has been destroyed in the same way. Discuss

How Asking Questions Can Be an Act of Worship

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