NBC is rather charmingly returning to the time-honored tradition of casting a female as the boy who never grew up. Girls' Allison Williams will take the lead role in Peter Pan Live!, NBC's next live musical which they are putting an official exclamation point at the end of. The studio is hoping to grab the same sort of numbers their Sound of Music Live! brought in, although they're probably hoping for better reviews. Good luck, Allison Williams. May your Peter Pan be an inspiration to anyone out there who has trouble with the thought of growing up ... Discuss


Comedian Jim Gaffigan is headed to TV Land. The cable network has ordered 10 episodes of The Gaffigan Show—which will re-air on Comedy Central a week after their TV Land debut. Based on his book Dad Is Fat, the single-camera sitcom follows “one man’s struggle in New York City to find a balance between fatherhood, stand-up comedy, and an insatiable appetite.” And by appetite, we can only assume they are referring to a diet consisting entirely of bacon ... Discuss


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Sufjan Stevens, but the always-evolving artist has just released a new song as part of an upcoming tribute album. “A Little Lost” is a cover of an Arthur Russell song, and will appear alongside other tunes from bands including Hot Chip, Phosphorescent and Blood Orange on the compilation, “Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell,” due out in October. You can stream it for free here, or purchase it on iTunes ... Discuss


You probably remember the story of Batkid—young Miles Scott, a child who had battled leukemia. For his Make-a-Wish project, Miles wanted to become Batman. In response, thousands of San Francisco residence helped turn their city into Gotham to make Miles’ wish come true. Now, the story is becoming a feature-length documentary. Batkid Begins looks at “what happens when an event goes unintentionally viral” and when a city comes together to make a grant a kid's amazing wish. So far, they are about half way to their fundraising goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo. The trailer is a reminder that Batkid truly is the hero we need ... Discuss